CCM Centennial find

I had a reply to my listing asking for vintage bikes and picked this bad boy up for very reasonable price. At the time I wasn't really sure what it was entirely, I mean centennial; the 100 year celebration of confederation but as for the bike... only that the quality was kind of lacking.

Above a picture of the decal sideways.

The front white walled tire seems to be original or date the bikes year 1967, a Dunlop Ranger; however a replacement for the rear has been a hit and miss.

The chain guard decals are near perfect with no fading or damage. The fenders should clean up real nice with little surface rust.
The most impressive part of this bicycle is the 2 speed hub.

The Torpedo Duomatic changes to hard or easier gear with each back pedal. It was pretty impressive mechanism after looking at a break down of the hub itself.

Over all very impressed with the bike and hope to clean it up and keep it around for a while.

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