Pelican Solo rigged for fishing - Kids kayaking

We have discovered that the Pelican Solo is an awesome starter yak for the junior yakers, so now we're going to rig it for fishing!

If you have followed some of my other posts, you may know we picked up the Pelican Solo for my daughter and she is loving it! So we have been shooting ideas on how to improve it.

First we started with some handles, as the Solo didnt seem to come with any. This was perfect time to use my wood filament for the 3d printer!

I found a nice designed handle on thinginverse and printed a couple out.

Next, she liked how on my yak I have the bungee cord to hold items down. We hit our local surplus store and found some greaf materials to rigg this up for a just a few dollars!

Lastly, she needs a place to keep her rod. I had an old berkley rod holder that while it is a good holder, I personally would prefer a scotty with an extended section to elevate it from the kayak slightly, but the berlkey is decent enough for our set up.

To mount these things I did have to drill holes, so to install it securely I use Well Nuts. Well nuts are a rubberised material with a nut, and as the nut is tightened it squishes the rubber material making a strong mount in thin material. They also work great in instances where you can reach the other side to use a fastener, which was also the case here.

These things work great for thin material, just be sure if attempting this that you material isn't thick, as it won't secure properly. In this case a plastic screw and sealing goop be better in my opinion.

Over all, we were both very happy with the out come of our ideas and work. It also got some attention and postitive feed back at the conservation!

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