Vertex 8400 hot end upgrade

So while I have had my printer for some time now, I have always wanted to have dual hot ends to reduce filament load outs as well as two colour prints.

The problem is, the location that my 8400 was purchased does not carry any of the upgrades - or spare parts for that matter.
So after some hunting around I found what I believe may be the most affordable solution as well as improvement for my Vertex 8400.

Developed by an individual named Boris, is a cleverly thought out adoption of the ED3 hot end on Thinginverse. Mounting to the existing gantry, his design allows for two ED3's to be mount to the vertex 8400 in approximately 8 prints. So after some consideration out wieghing the pros and cons, I began printing the parts.

At this point in the picture, I am pretty much set waiting on one critical print inorder to assemble a functioning assembly, which is a difficult print for the current set up using ABS. However while I work towards the success of that, I notice that my E3D'S are not genuine E3D'S at all, but rather very close to replicas that do not work with Boris' design.

The biggest issue it seems so far is the heatsink fin width is much wider than the official E3D'S. While his design did require you to massage a bit of the fin, I was faced with needing to remove more as they made contact with each other causing them to overlap. So, I decided to get a little hackery with my problem solving and simply grind them down.

While I am slightly concerned with proper cooling, I have assured myself that I can correct this with variable resistors until I manage the flow of air correctly during the tuning process. At that point, I can then measure the tuned resistance and switch it out for a resistor.

The head can now saddle the 8mm rod and because I was force to remove an equal amount from both sides, this head doesn't need to be built around the shaft and can be removed partially assembled.

I am anxious to get I done as I need the head to print more advancements - check back soon for Updates the process!

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