Major printer malfunction - 8400

So, it has been about a week since we have got back from vacation and I am back to trying to get the final piece of the dual jhead printed. After many attempts, strange behavior and complete fustration, I find a big issue with the 10 pin connector on my 8400.

Puzzled with how the issue could have happened, I start digging further while questioning one of the photos I included in my blog post about upgrading the head.

You can see on the right of the picture above the discolouring of the filament through cycle of the print. At the time, I thought my cooling settings may have been off creating temperature fluctuations causing the gray to white filament to have discolouration. Now, I'm thinking it was beginning to fail; as it was the last part I was able to print.

I planned to perform a full break down of the printer and make everything in the world right again, when I seen the full extent of the damage done.

I was bummed!! I began search for a replacement when I was surprised to find out that it is a $149 USD part plus shipping for a new one, or pay to ship it for repair with out a definite cost or success.

The vertex 8400 is equipped with proprietary board of the Arduino 2560 and ramps 1.4 chipset with polo type drivers. Being open hardware, companies are free to use the circuitry design, packaging it and distributing as their own; which is probably why it is so expensive to replace.

With that, purchasing an Arduino mege 2560 with ramps 1.4 shield would be most cost effective solution I can currently think of. Using Marlin firmware, I am thinking I will have to modify mounts and come up with a clean installation and that with a bit of time I will be able to eventually get it back up and running.

Stay tuned!

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