Rise of the machine

So after the devastation that was my failed printer last post - I am very excited to premier my new printer a Dmyco; a prusa i3/pa802ma clone.

One problem I had with my 8400 was part availability. The 8400 parts were tough to come by in my area, making them more expensive and difficult to get. So when shopping for a new printer, I started looking at the prusa i3 clones which had shown positive results online and plenty of support.

I will admit, when I seen the 3d printers bearing housing / z motor mount were 3d printed, I was a little nervous and skeptical - especially because it wasn't all that great of a print.

After attempting to remove the protective facing on the acrylic, I gave up. I started assemblying.

Following the video was great to quickly assemble the chassis and to be honest, I didn't realize there was a HTML file with the complete assembly until the end. This really only came into value when I was assuring what side was positive and negative of the main power supply to the board.

I robbed my 8400 for a recently purchased MOSFET for the heat bed and extruder, eleminating the effective draw through the main board hooefully avoiding the possible chance of another melt down.

Once assembled all that was left to do was square up the horizontal gantry with the chassis and modify the printer settings in Repetier Host.

I truely couldn't believe the results of my frist print. During the print I noticed the x axis belt came loose but I let it finish and quickly adjusted it when it was done.

My second print was nearly perfect.

I have a few parts I would like to upgrade on this printer that I will get to printing right away, like the y-x axis tensioner, cross brace and cable management.

Check back for more!

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