PLC Training

I have purchased an online PLC training course including 24 hours of video that I am working hard on completing.To aid in my training, I wanted to create a trainer that would give me the basics needs while physically having some hardware to wire up.

A trainer of any type should have basic input components such as NC (normally closed) NO (normally open) variation of toggle/push button switches and maybe a inductive proximity to start. These can normally be easily accessible and don't break the bank.

Output possibilities for me at this time include pneumatic actuators, streppers and a variation of relays. However, for the most part, desktop training will include mostly indicators.

While I originally went bigger with the
I/O, I ended up with this;

Located in the top right corner of my rack, you can see my arduino rail mounted. Communicating between the arduino and PLC is something I have pondered about since my introduction to the industrial PLC and programmable relays.

Looking at it stripped, I basically made a simple H frame using 1.5 x 1/4 angel, drilled and tapped, added some DIN for rail mounting, and drilled a total of six holes for grounds.

No measurement was really set in stone, I just went with what fit around the plc I'm already own.