Titobot - Uno bot!

My daughter has taken interest in programing through scratch. She enjoys creating storyboards through movements, text and sounds and all that scratch has to offer.

Relating and making the connection to her from movements based on time, events or other functions to that of the physical attributions of robotics has struck interest in her, which is why I started looking for a base to work off of.

I found Ottobot, which is an open-source project that I didn't have all the parts for. Looking further, I found what I would almost call the designers first version called Tito.

I had everything needed for Tito from the Arduino Tito to the servos and mini breadboard.

All that was left to do was print.

While I have a bit more assembly, I think this will be a great project for her and myself as we work together to promote her growth in understanding of programing and mechanics.

Stay tuned!