1978 Midway Space Invaders Cabinet

Found this 1978 Space Invaders cabinet online while doing one of my daily browse through on Kijiji and was quick to make a move on it. It seemed to be in great shape, but for being priced so low I wasn't very optimistic about see it run again - just figured I would use the cabinet with a Raspberry Pi.

After an interesting trip across town of people taking pictures and waving to us and the cabinet standing up right in the back of my pick up, we got it in the house and immediately started looking into it.

Upon opening it up, we were quick to discover that the back service panel has a momentary switch with an outward position to lock it in the on position for servicing.

Once inside the parts seemed to be original all for what turned out to be the Braze Technologies Space Invaders Multi-card. The multi-card includes a POST self test aiding in troubleshooting, enable coinless free play and a variety of games that resemble space invaders, including Space Invaders Deluxe - and then, I caught it.

While looking over the CRT (cathode ray tube), two of the deflecting yoke wires were disconnected. The deflecting yoke is a type of magnetic lens used to focus or deflect the charged particles vertically and horizontally in the CRT monitor created by the electron beam, so with the horizontal leads disconnected would explain why there was this large vertical line on the monitor. Once testing after re-crimping the lead ends, I couldn't believe she was a live!

Now knowing it works, I took some time to clean it up and find a home for it. I tipped it over and fixed the front left leg, replaced the plug, and just took some time to observe how and what it all is.

I find after owning it for a few weeks now that I prefer Space Invaders Deluxe which fixed a few glitches, but also adds named score record to keep it competitive and fun for people to play.

While this game predates me, it was one that I still enjoyed and has been a cool project and fun to have around.

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