Diy Kijiji printer find - Version 2.0

After about a solid month of waiting for a new hot ends and bearings to come in, I had a lot of time to stare at my previous work and decide that I needed a cheap solution to a frame. Playing around in SolidWorks, I was looking to make slide and bolt together structure using 2 inch aluminum ba 3/8 thick with printed corner peices - when I found this design on Thinginverse.

Ridding of all the bolts and threaded rod, it's a simple welded frame that I felt I could fabricate for cheap and have a very rigid structure to continue to build off of.

I ran a bed of parts overnight and called a local steel supplier the next morning for material. I managed to get 20ft of 1-1/2x3/4 for $28 plus tax and ran it through my friends saw.

The project has been challenging to follow as at the time of writing no details or have been added to page, but after converting to imperial my cut list was as follows;

2 pcs @ 13.3/8
2 pcs @ 17.5/16
3 pcs @ 12.5/16

Requiring approximately 8ft 2" of material.

After cutting, we fit the bottom frame and I took the rest home to evaluate the location further for the top in comparison to my working printer.

Once home I used my buzzbox to for the top three pieces, gave it a spray of black primer and started fitting the printed pieces on.

I used the Wade's extruder for the j-heads I finally had received for the project as found here

Above is my son assembling the linear bearings to the carriage mount.

At this point I came to a stand still... The 8mm rods for the carriage from the last design are too short for the new design.

I will be looking to source those out over the next few days and progress will move forward in the next few days.