First attempt at making a pick

Finding a banding material made of spring steel had me wanting to make my own pick. With the Sparrow Medusa being one of my favourites, I thought I would use it as a template to start.

The initial cut wasn't too bad. I made sure to leave lots of material to work with.

I then used a grinding bit and file to start making shape of the tip.

It's really starting to take shape here

At this point the tip is a bit long, but it works just as great as the original. I was really wanting to make it personable to me, so I started making a top hat in inspiration of Mad Hatter Labs.

At this point I was pretty happy with it. When originally starting with the banding it was .031 thick with coating, and I was able to bring it to .026 which allowed for clean movements.

After letting the paint dry I have been successful in picking and raking with this design.