One week of lock picking

I am now about a week deep into lock picking, gaining a lot of great experience and insight along the way. After finding some great material online to learn more about the techniques and tools involved, I began the process with an affordable Lock Picking Set on Amazon.

Luoke Home Maintenance Emergency Open Set
Included with the kit was an acrylic lock

The acrylic lock is an excellent added feature to the already inexpensive kit, giving you the opportunity to study the inner workings and served further while identifying what techniques were effective and why.

After playing with the acrylic lock for a while, I tried my hand at few inexpensive pad locks from various sources and determined that just about every common lock could be raked with a combination of picks and tension feathering.

I started to focus and develop the skill at single pin picking and began reworking the locks pin by pin trying to identify binding pins and setting them. This has come a long way in a few short days.

I have been stuck up against one lock that I had got from work with a missing a key, an American A1100.

In this picture I was still trying to tension from the bottom keyway, which I later acknowledged isn't typically done with these locks. My A1100 is a 5 pin with serrated pins and has proven to be too difficult for me at this time. I believe it has to do with my tensioning technique on it, so I have played with the idea of a spring tensioned tensioner.

I felt I had more control and comfort for the top keyway in manipulating the pins, however I still was unsuccessful at this time. While I have made tremendous progress, at this point I am having a difficult time at identifying false sets and sets with the serrated pins, so I decided to keep the forward momentum and try my way at a few residential locks to continue working on single pin picking.

I did a bit of digging and thrift shopping and found a few locks missing keys or parts for cheap. I had thought about making a stand for the handles and latch, but I instead designed a barrel to whole the lock itself so i could continue to picks locks on the couch.

After completing the design and having one in my hand around 2 am, I made a few changes to it and printed a couple more.

I am looking to make a few changes, however it is nice having something to hold on to while working on these residential locks.
Overall, I feel I have made a ton of progress in my first week. I have ordered a couple more tools and continuing the hunt for more locks.

To purchase your starter kit and get picking

Luoke Home Maintenance Emergency Open Set

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