Squire LP10 Picked

With all my hype on lock picking, I've been reaching out to everyone I can think of looking for locks. My nieghbor, who suggests my hobbies are strange, had this Squire LP10 on his tow chain which he no longer possessed the key for and said it was mind if I get it off.


It took more time lubing it up and getting unsized than it did raking it. I used some engine degreaser to clean it up and machine oil in the keyway and managed to get it open in under 5 minutes. Once off, I returned the chain and soaked the lock in CLR for about an hour, let it dry and then relubed it.

While it's nothing special, it's been a fun lock to work on my SSP techniques and a great experience to be able to show my neighbor what I've been playing with.

Lock Spec

50mm Solid brass body
Hardened steel shackle
4 pin