COVID 19 Update

After being let go just before the pandemic and outbreak of COVID 19 - I have officially been off since March 6th. While this is never great news, there are challenges ahead for everyone and I am grateful for the time spent with my kids.

During my time so far we have completely rearranged our dinning room removing any and all "dinning experiences" out of sight. We now have what we consider our "family class room" which includes a tv for remote display, 3D printer, a piano and various other instruments, a futon and enough space for all of us to work together. 

We tried to think of ways we could help our community and came across Inkscape who was looking for people to print the Pursa facesheilds. After producing aproxitely 80 - 90 assemblies, we decided to tackle another issue we were seeing on a more personal level - ear chafe from the straping of masks. We found a design that worked well and contours the head and have managed to produce 920 to date.

The time together as a family thinking of ways we can utilize tools available to us to help others has been a real eye opener and humbling experience for everyone and couldn't have been done without the support of friends and family who contributed to our efforts through donations. With this support we've been able to offer this small token of appreciation to all those who were still able support their communities, free of charge.


  1. Missed your comment, but thank you for stopping by. An update to this, we managed to print over 3000 clips to supply to local hospitals, police divisions, educational sector, stores and more!

    Thanks again!


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