Proxmark3 Easy

The Proxmark3 is an RFID (radio frequency identification) tool kit. It is capable of sniffing, reading and writing RFIDs aswell as portraying an RFID itself. Many of its features can also be utilized in a "field mode" where a computer is not required after use case configuration of firmware.

I purchased a Proxmark3 Easy to dive into the world of RFIDs as my growing obsession with radio frequencies in general seems to grow, and I hope to continue to report back as I break this report into segments as I progress.

My Proxmark3 is a popular Chinese brand "Elechouse" and although it came assembled, I disassembled to get a good look at it. While there are some mixed reviews on clones over official Proxmark3's, it is clear that the 256kb memory versions are obsolete as the recent firmware has exceeded its capacity. 

I was able to pick up this 512kb version for $60 dollars on Amazon and with my current comprehension RFIDs and the pm3 in general, I am very satisfied with my purchase believing there is a lot to learn with the Proxmark3 Easy.

From left to right we can see the riser shield - I don't believe there to be function to this piece aside from spacing the card off the HF antenna. Moving left to the middle is Proxmark3 itself with PCB embedded HF (high frequency) antenna - then finally the LF (low frequency) antenna far right coil. 

So what is the use case for this device?

As acknowledged with SDR (software defined radio) and my hackrf, Radio frequencies are everywhere and for a long time lacked severly in security considerations. While this device is capable performing task that would question legalities, my interests strictly lie in the understanding of the technology to identify short comings of security measures implemented in the field. 

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