Hackrf+H2 Portapack

After some discussion in a group on the Portapack for the Hackrf, I became intrigued with the idea of unteethering from my laptop and decided to go with the Portapack H2.

There where a few hiccups with my order; I ended up with a broken button and my battery will not power the unit. With that asided, I have been able to utilize a 4000mah battery pack view usb and gorrilla glued the button housing to play with it in the mean time.

To get started on the install, I dismantled my hackrf by using spudger to carefully seperate the two halves of the enclosure.

Removing the HackRF from the plastic I was able to fit it together and assembled it in the case by Eried on thinginverse

The case is very well done with magnetic face cover option available here