Raspberry Pi Unifi controller + Larger SD

I started my Raspberry Pi Unifi controller + PiHole configuration a few years back with a 16Gb Micro SD and recently descovered I was reaching its cap in collected logs, backups and databases. Completing this task can be easy with a tool called Win32 Disk Imager - which can be found here. To complete this task we will have to take our controller offline temporarily.

Once installed, we insert our controller SD card and select the drive letter it is assigned and select our boot partition:

Next we give a path to where we want the image to be created.

Reading and creating an image will take a few minutes depending on the size.

Once complete, we remove our old SD and insert the new larger one. Format the card FAT32 then in Win32 Disk Imager select the drive and click "Write".

When this finalizes, our card will be ready to go back into the Raspberry Pi and dynamically expand the partition using 

$sudo Rasp-config

Select advanced 

Expand partition

Then we can reboot the server with 

$sudo shutdown -r now 

Once this was complete everything moved along smoothly.