Use Windows Hotspot for Airlink Oculus Meta Quest 2

Airlink is an amazing feature of the Quest 2 and configuring it allows users to "unthether" from the long USB and utilize wifi to link to your PC for PCVR - and it works amazing!

The trouble at this time is specifications are vague as the feature is experimental and advice seems to point users toward dedicated 802.11ax "Wifi 6" routers configured to access points - which seem unnecessarily expensive.

My motherboard (AORUS Elite) has an Intel wireless dual band 802.11ac integrated adapter that went unutilized. While trying to work out the best way to minimize latency over my network, I thought I would try to utilize this adapter. 

The follow are my notes regarding this configuration with the assumption of the Airlink experimental feature already being enabled on your headset.

Configuration notes

Hardware spec:

Oculus branded Quest 2 
AMD R9 3900X
32GB of RAM
X570 AORUS Elite Wifi
ROG Strix RTX 3070

Under your adapter settings in device manager, there are a few options we can disable to increase performance. If you are unsure of a features function, you can search it to determine if it's something you need enabled. I have configured mine as follows:

Next we need to configure a mobile hotspot. You can do this by right clicking on your network on the bottom right task bar and selecting "Open Network & Internet Settings"

Under Settings:

1)Select Mobile Hotspot

2)Select Edit - Give your network a name, a password and select the network band to be 5Ghz

3)Make sure the type of network is Wi-Fi

4)Turn on

If at this point you receive an error : "The selected network band isn't available. Select a different band and try again." - turn your wifi on and off and try again.

Once your hotspot is up, open the command prompt as admin then enable and disable wifi scanning:

Connect your headset to the newly created hotspot and check the link speed. With my integrated adapter I get a link speed of 866Mbs If your link speed is low, try disconnecting and reconnecting.