Insputer Desktop Fish tank

Admiring my desktop fishtank, I decided that the hydroponic pod mount was of no use to me and designed a hopper style fish feed for the tank.  

One thing that really struck my interest in this was while reading on appropriate fish, I found an article on that had me wondering if guppies could reconize feeding time from a sequence of LED flashes. It is important for you to know, while I was designing this all that was playing through my head was the scene from Jurassic Park " they remember.."

I made a 5mm feed dispenser, which seems to be plenty during every feeding given the tank size. The feed arm has three variables retaining position of the servo; return position, fill position and dispense where it then proceeds to return position. I found parking the dispenser outside of the fill position reduce packing or clotting of food.

At this time, it dispenses every 12 hours and there is a button to dispense. 

Here is the code: