Mini Virtual Pinball Machine

Laying in bed, I wondered what I could do with a couple old phones I had laying around and decided given the length of screen that a Pinball machine was going to be it, though I wasn't quite sure how. 

After searching, it's does seem there is a larger unit you can buy for your tablet and while I couldn't find info on it, it became apparent it was likely just a HID (human interface) compliant device.

I was looking for the best app for Pinball, and it seems the best is Zen Pinball. I hooked up a keyboard through a usb c adapter and confirmed it does have keyboard support. 

I had a Pro Micro in my drawer from playing with keystroke injection a while back, so I wired it up initially thinking four buttons only to discover that navigating the app required six.

Jurassic Park was one of the most iconic tables available on Zen Pinball, so it was the one I decided to make the focus point of the cabinet and found rough photos to give it some visual while designing.

One amazing detail utilizing an old phone for this project is the added vibration and tilt functions!

Increasing the games volume is going to be achieved with the 3w speaker seen below utilizing a 2 channel 3w amp.