Laser burning like it's Santa's workshop

My Low Rider 2 doing some work for Christmas burning charcuterie and cutting boards.

It's been a while since I have played with it, but on these bamboo boards I have found a 600-900mm/m feed rate with a power of 30-40% power have been burning nice.

For weeks I have had in my mind that line from Ace Ventura "Laaaa-whoo-zaaa-heeer" with the idea to make "Cha-Cute-Ta-heer" for a charcuterie board for a family memeber whom I used to watch the movie basically on repeat when we were kids.

I found and purchased a design of Ace and modified it to suit the theme, adding the text.

The real pity is I assumed the boards were the same size, so it came out off center. Bummer! 

The kids have picked out something for their teachers:

Over all, it holds up well and for under 100 bucks at the time, the laser is holding up well!