About Me

James Mitchell

As a fabricator, designer and a CompTIA Certified technician; I am versatile and resourceful with the desire to learn and develop my skills in I.T.

My name Jim Mitchell and as far back as I can remember I have been taking things apart to see how they work. Fascinated by the inner workings behind items such as VCRs, RC's and stereos, I was later introduced to PC's which brought my interests to an entirely new level including hacking, web development and networking.

I am currently QA/QC - Health and safety- Maintenance - I.T for a fabrication company specializing in helical piles, where I maintain a variety of simplistic pneumatic and hydraulic systems while contributing to process development and industrial control systems. On my spare time I continue to work toward my passion which is Information Technology and Security.

If you would like to see a resume you can contact me via email: jimdotdev@gmail.com

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