Mini Desktop Conveyor

The intention of the conveyor is to demonstrate proof of concept; demonstrating my abilities in rapid prototyping (using additive manufacturing, fabrication, and design) while constantly looking for ways to improve functionality and diversity.  My main goal is to create something showing practical and relative operations, targeting my employer's industry.

Most of the parts are from a remote control terrain vehicle found at a thrift store. I recycled what I could; using wheels and pulleys to visualize and then made rough renderings of them in SolidWorks, to continue my design process. While at this point I am still working on the drive-train and a motor mount, the chassis is made of aluminum. Currently mounted is an inductive PNP proximity sensor, limited by a 5-6 mm proximity.

After some time invested in other projects and school, I finally revisited and made a rough prototype leg mount, while redesigning parts from terrain vehicle and "printing" them via additive manufacturing. The leg mounts at this stage, are not ideal. However, this got it off the ground and allowed me to test the drivetrain and see what I took from a SolidWorks model and drawing to a fully functioning prototype.

While this will continue to be an ongoing project, I am very happy with the outcome. Please check back to see my progress as it happens.

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